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 Bothered to play WoW?

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PostSubject: Bothered to play WoW?   Mon Apr 06, 2009 3:19 pm

I understand most of the GG Tempe Forum members (looks at henry and T3X lol jokes) , think WOW screws up people's life but
1) There are no reports of WoW killing anyone. It just gets ppl addicted.
2) Games like CS (LOL at ADAM) and Starcraft (LOL at Korean gods) have reports of deaths.
3) Also not sure what you mean about 'SCREWS YOUR LIFE UO'
4) Henry is horrible speller (look at 3)
And finally, im on of most favoured midgets (unless Andrea beats me) affraid

I'll just post up Topics to like ppl who are interested ( like poe or stanley)

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Bothered to play WoW?
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